Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Will Grow into the World-Famous Tourism Pilot Zone

2018-12-11 10:31:49  |  来源:中央广电总台国际在线  |  编辑:李静   |  责编:董健雄

  On Dec. 6th, Dalian Jinpu New District the 2nd Golden Spring International Hot Spring Health Culture Festival was officially launched. Shang Shuchen , Member of Party Working Committee and Vice Director of Management Committee of Dalian Jinpu New District, Secretary and Director of Party Leadership of the Management Committee of Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Tourism Resort, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.


  According to Shang Shuchen, Liaoning has advanced hot spring industry and abundant hot spring tourism resources. Dalian Jinpu New District, as the priority area of development and reform in northeast China, has favourable geographical position and investment environment. It is the first state-level new area and pilot free trade zone in northeast China. The hot spring industry in Jinpu has solid foundation and now the whole district has 12 hot spring projects with each investment scale over a hundred million yuan. In 2013, the Golden Pebble Beach was named as the province-level hot spring tourism resort.

  Golden Pebble Beach Tourism Resort is located at the central area of Northeast Asia Economic and Cultural Circle, and is an important opening functional zone of Dalian and Jinpu. With the sea on three sides, the tourism resort has splendid scenery and pleasant weather. In addition, the tourism resort has geological landscapes being formed for 300 million to 900 million years, and it is honoured as Solidified Animal World, Sculpture Park with Superlative Craftsmanship, Natural Geological Museum and so on. With its 4.5km coastline, the well-known Golden Pebble Beach has been one of the 16 massive health sea-water baths in China, and its daily maximum capacity is 100 thousand people. It is the best coastal tourism resort in northern China.

  The Golden Pebble beach will continue comprehensive transformation and upgrading in the future, develop quality tourism industry based on its splendid culture, and grow into a world-famous tourism pilot zone, in order to show its international, civic and participatory features.


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